Buy and Sell Traffic Easily with CPXcenter

No matter who you are in the online advertising ecosystem, traffic is key. When trying to run a profitable ad network, trying to advertise your business, or attempting to connect your websites with viable advertising, having appropriate traffic and traffic buyers available is very important. CPXcenter knows that connecting to ad buyers and ad sellers is valuable to your business, and the CPXcenter platform makes the whole process easy.

How CPXcenter makes Buying and Selling Easy:

Click and link right on the platform

To connect with another network all it takes is a couple clicks. It’s that simple. If you don’t have any professional relationships with other ad networks, that’s not a problem. Just specify which cost metric your network would like to buy/sell traffic for, and the CPXcenter platform will suggest viable partners. Your network will never have to struggle with unsold traffic, or too little traffic ever again!

And you can trust all the traffic you buy and sell on the CPXcenter Ad Media Exchange (AMX) because only networks that operate on CPXcenter are part of the Ad Exchange community. Therefore all traffic on the AMX has the same quality and security measures as your own network.

Connect to 3rd party networks easily

But your connections are not limited to those who use the CPXcenter platform. Easily connect with advertisers and publishers that use popular 3rd party networks like HasOffers or Woobi. You just need the API key to connect their network to yours.

Enjoy the convenience of a centralized payment and billing system

Let CPXcenter be your trusted middle-man. All buying and selling, billing, and payments go directly through the CPXcenter platform. Exchanges will only take place if the buyer has sufficient funds in their account. When exchanging traffic through CPXcenter you know you’ll get paid on time.

Buy and sell traffic efficiently right on the platform with the CPXcenter. Use CPXcenter to supplement your traffic flow, and never worry about too much or too little traffic again. CPXcenter will do all the heavy lifting for you.



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